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Submitting LETU Announcements

Interested in having a news item posted on the LeTourneau announcements column

 Here are some guidelines for submitting announcements for posting:

  • Events should be within the next thirty days. Submissions for events more than thirty days in the future will be posted thirty days before the event.
  • Events must be hosted or sponsored by LETU or a recognized LETU organization.
  • Announcements should be submitted three days in advance of the post date.
  • Submissions should contain a subject line.
  • Submissions should contain the exact announcement text you want displayed.
  • Submissions should include the following two dates:
    • The post date for the announcement. Submissions without this date will be posted within three days.
    • The removal date for the announcement. Submissions without this date will be removed within seven days after being posted.
  • Announcements should be in plain text format only. Do not send image or document attachments.
  • Based on the content of the announcement, you should submit announcements directly to the appropriate department below:

Academic Affairs

External Relations

Business and Administration

Spiritual Life


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