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MyFiles Storage Locations

For more general information on Myfiles including links to information on connecting to MyFiles from specific devices see the main article: MyFiles Overview 

Documents (Personal Files):

Student Documents:

  • Purpose: Students may use their  Documents folder for any files they legally own.
  • Size: 10GB of personal storage space is allocated for each student in addition to any department or project space available.
  • Other Information:
    • Student storage is available in a single unified Documents folder
    • Access from LETU Computer Labs and Lab Machines: The private Documents directory for each student is automatically mapped to the "Documents" folder on university-owned machines including labs, classrooms, and workstations in administrative areas used for student employment positions. A user must log into any specific machine at least twice for this mapping to occur as it happens in the background of the first login.

Faculty/Staff Documents:

  • Purpose: Faculty/Staff Documents folders should only be used for storage of files necessary for work at LETU and files which other staff members do not need copies of. Files which may be beneficial to other department members should be stored in a Departments folder instead of Documents. Files which need to be shared with members of other departments should be stored in the Common folder structure.
  • Size: 15GB of storage is available to Faculty/Staff for the purposes above.
  • Other Information:
    • Personal Storage storage is divided into Documents, Favorites, Music, Pictures and Videos sub-folders located at the /profiles/facultystaff directory.
    • The folders above are automatically mapped into University-owned workstations for Faculty/Staff.
    • Music, Pictures, and videos files should be primarily limited to files necessary for university work which no one else in a department would benefit from accessing. It is appropriate to store a small number of personal pictures (we suggest several hundred or less)  in the Pictures folder to facilitate use on desktop backgrounds or other purposes. Media which may be useful to other members of the department should currently be stored in the department folder.


Faculty/Staff (DAL, HOU Faculty/Staff):

Academics (Class and project shared files):

Purpose: Academics folders are intended for collaborative sharing of files between members of academic classes, projects or other academic groups. Faculty members may request folders for individual projects or for classes.

Size: The size of academic projects folders starts at 10GB and additional space is available. Contact IT for more information on setting up a Project/Academic folder or information on larger folder sizes.



Academic Storage: Students should contact their faculty member or project team leader for information on the location of any storage used for academic, project, or organization needs. Faculty or Team leaders may contact information Technology to request new storage locations for their classes or projects or to request changes to existing locations.

Departments (Department shared files):

Purpose: Department folders are intended for collaborative sharing of files between members of individual departments or designated department student workers. Files in department folders are restricted to members of that department. Contact us for information  on how to secure these folders down further to department teams or sub-groups if necessary.

Size: The size of department folders is not currently limited.



NOTE: The Abbott Aviation Center Aeronautical Science Dept folder is located at:

Common (Inter-Department shared files):

Purpose: Common  folders are intended for collaborative sharing of files between members of different departments or student worker groups. Files in common folders may be shared with other groups of people with the assistance of IT. Please contact IT for more information on how to set up a common folder space for your needs.

Size: The size of common folders is not currently limited.


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