How Do I Report a Breach

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IT KnowledgeBase : Title IV: How Do I Report a Breach

Created by Unknown User (matthewhenry) on Aug 22, 2017
  1. Email & copy your data breach team, executives, per your policy. Data to include in the e-mail:
    1. Date of breach (suspected or known)
    2. Impact of breach (# of records, etc.)
    3. Method of breach (hack, accidental disclosure, etc.)
    4. Information Security Program Point of Contact
      1. Email and phone details will be necessary
    5. Remediation Status (complete, in process – with detail)
    6. Next steps (as needed)
  2. Call Education Security Operations Center (ED SOC) at 202-245-6550 with above data. ED-SOC operates 7x24.

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