Report an Issue with a PC or Laptop


LETU IT/Information Technology is happy to assist you with university issued office hardware.  Describe, with as much detail as possible, your current situation including: type of equipment, circumstances related to the issue, and when it first appeared.  We will contact you as quickly as possible to provide any assistance.


LETU IT manages computers, laptops, and other devices on campus used for business purposes.  Most systems will be Dell computers and we are happy to help you troubleshoot any issues that may be occurring on your office computer.  While we do not troubleshoot personally owned devices, all university owned computers are purchased with a warranty if repair is needed.  This would also include help with any LETU deployed Microsoft Windows related issues that could arise. i.e. drivers, connectivity, keyboard, mouse, etc.

Service Level Agreement

After the request is made, the service desk will contact you within 15 minutes to provide further assistance.


No cost directly associated with this service.  Some cost may be incurred based off any purchase needed to resolve your respective issue.

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