Basic Information About Your LETU Account

Basic information about your LetNet account

When is my LetNet account created if I am a student?

If you are a nontraditional student in an SGPS degree program, your account is created when you are accepted to the program. You will gain access to your email account and the rest of the system at that time.

If you are a traditional (on-campus) student when you first register for classes, a process begins that will lead to your MyLETU web site account being upgraded to a full LetNet account. Generally this will take place within 24 hours of your being registered for a class, but at times it might take a little longer. So, what changes when this happens?  For one thing, an email address is created for you, and you'll gain access to that and the LetNet Webmail system.  You also may gain access to the MyLETU Courses system, depending on what class or program you are enrolling in.  On the MyLETU web page, you'll have a Students tab as well, which will display information specific to current students.  You'll also gain access to the student web services page, accessible from the main MyLETU web page. The screenshot below shows the main; click on the thumbnail to see a larger version of it.

When is my LetNet account created if I am a faculty or staff?
When you are hired by the university, your supervisor will send notification of your hire to Human Resources, which will initiate a process to have your account created and all of your permissions set up.  Normally this is completed before your first day working, but in some cases if you start work immediately after being hired or the associated paperwork is late in getting to Human Resources, there can be a slight delay.​​​​​​​

How long do I keep my LetNet account?
If you stop attending classes or working for the university, unless you are a PACT student still working on your certification, your account will go inactive the next time the automated maintenance routine runs. It runs approximately once per month. So, it's a good idea if you'll be leaving to make sure you back up anything you need from your account in advance, since it's theoretically possible that the account maintenance process could run the very day after you leave and you'd not have any time afterward to back that content up. If you are a graduating senior, the university can forward emails to your LeTourneau account for a period of 90 days after your graduation.  If you are a graduating senior and would like to have your mails forwarded, we just need you to let us know and provide three pieces of information: Your name, your student ID number, and the email address you'd like us to forward to.​​​​​​​

What will my LetNet user name be?
Your LetNet user name will normally be your first name and last name together, with no space between them.  For example, John Smith's user name would probably be JohnSmith.  Or, because the user name is not case-sensitive, johnsmith would also be okay.​​​​​​​

What about my LetNet password?
Your LetNet password will be the same password you used when originally creating an account on the web site if you applied and started the enrollment process through the web site.  If you are a new employee, you should receive an email with your user name and you can call us to set up a temporary password that you'll need to change after logging in for the first time.

A valid LetNet password

When choosing a new password, you'll have to select one that meets LETU password complexity requirements.


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