Service Catalog

Categories (10)

Requests related to software systems and processes, i.e. CX, StarRez, eBridge, Cognos, etc.

File Services, Microsoft Teams, SharePoint

Request assistance related to purchasing, setup, and troubleshooting of your lab and classroom technology.

Request permissions for LetNet accounts, name changes, e-mail forwarding, public calendar changes, and other account services.

Connect to LetNet, report problems, or request new networking.

Request assistance related to purchasing, setup, and troubleshooting of your university-issued office technology.

Requests related to cell phones, MIFIs, IP Phones, and voicemail.

Request software installation or assistance with applications provided by LETU.

Issue relating to viewing/working with courses in Canvas

Technology Projects manage requests that:
- are not handled by an existing service catalog menu item
- or which require resources beyond a normal service request

The steps in requesting IT Project Services are as follows:

1) If the project is expected to require an expenditure greater than $2,000, the LETU Purchasing department must review the request before IT can review it.
2) Once Purchasing has cleared the project for futher research or if the request is expected to cost less than $2,000, complete the IT Project Request Form and return it via email to
3) The IT Leadership Team (ITLT) reviews submitted project requests once every 30 days.
4) After reviewing the nature of the project request, timelines, funding, and resources available, projects will be approved, declined, or returned for more information.
5) If a project is approved, the project will commence when all identified required project resources (both labor and budget) are available.

Services (3)

Purchase Microsoft Office 365 Desktop License

Microsoft O365 desktop licensing is available for an annual subscription fee.

Report Software Issue

Report an issue with software, or the license implementation of a software package already deployed on campus.

Request Software Installation

Requesting the installation of software on LETU owned computers.