AFSC Game Room Operations and Troubleshooting Guide

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Information Technology provides basic support for game console issues the AFSC workers are unable to resolve. AFSC workers are expected to perform troubleshooting and analysis of problems before contacting IT. Work orders to IT should include a detaled description of the problem and the troubleshooting steps performed.


General Operating Principles

  • Don’t attempt to modify or troubleshoot any of the equipment behind the TVs. Problems of this nature must be reported to the IT Helpdesk at 
  • Don’t attempt to modify or troubleshoot any physical problems with the Dream Arcades. They should not be moved or unplugged.
  • Items should not be placed on the gaming console enclosures. Especially items that don’t mix well with electronics—such as water bottles, etc.
  • TVs can be turned off at close and turned on at open.
  • It is not necessary to shut down the Dream Arcades, but if the desire is to shut them down at close, this must be done from the menu and not by pressing the black power buttons.

 Operating the TVs in the Game Room

  • The only interaction with the gaming TVs should be to turn them on/off. The power button is the top button on left side of TV.
  • Power and volume on the Samsung TV in the arcade gaming area is located on the back, on the bottom right. Care should be taken not to damage the LED light strip when using this control.

Operating the Speaker Bars in the Game Room

  1. Turn Speaker Bar power on. Top button on left side of Speaker Bar.
  2. Set volume on Speaker Bar. This is done using the bottom two buttons on the left side of the Speaker Bar. The front left of the Speaker Bar has glowing dots that indicate volume level. Two to three dots is usually adequate.

Operating the Console Gaming Stations

  1. Turn console on. All consoles can be turned on from their respective remotes.
    Xbox: Touch Xbox logo on the front right of console
    PS4: Touch power button area on front center (above the disc slot) of console
    Wii U: Press power button on front left of console
  2. Insert game into the console.
  3. Eject game when done.
    Xbox:  Touch silver eject button on the front center of console
    PS4: Touch eject button area on front center (below the disc slot) of console
    Wii U: Press eject button on front left of console

Operating the Arcade Gaming Stations

  1. If the arcade system is off, press the black power button located:
    Stand-up: Top left
    Cocktail table: Underneath player 3 controls (left side of the system).
  2. Arcade system will boot up and automatically boot into the Dream Arcades menu.

General Arcade game operation

  • Controls are different for each game. For any game within the Dream Arcades menu, the controls for that game are displayed before the game is launched.
  • Some items on the Dream Arcade menu lead to sub menus with more games.
  • The trackball acts as a mouse. There are two black buttons directly above the trackball that operate like left and right mouse buttons. Some games have interfaces that require the trackball to be used this way.
  • If the Windows 7 interface is displayed, there is a Dream Arcades icon on the desktop. Double-click this icon to launch the Dream Arcades menu interface.

Other Devices

  • A network jack and a HDMI port are available beneath each of the gaming console stations. When a person connects their device to the HDMI port, the video on the TV screen will automatically switch to the their device. When the device is disconnected, the display will revert back to the game console.
  • As of this writing, there is no HDMI connection available at the digital signage station. Our plan is to install one so that students can connect their devices there before choosing one of the gaming stations.



To receive signal from the game consoles, the TVs must be set to the correct HDMI input.

  • Make sure the TV is powered on.
  • Make sure the game console is powered on.
  • Use the Input buttons on the left side of the TV to cycle through the HDMI inputs until the video from the game console is displayed.
  • While the volume from the TV can be used, the speaker bars below each TV can be used for higher-quality sound. If the speaker sound isn't working, perform the following steps:
    • Make sure there a sound source (i.e. the game console is turned on and a game is playing)
    • Make sure the following sound setting is correct on the TV: Menu > Audio > Advanced Audio > Digital Audio Out > PCM
    • Turn the speaker bar on.
    • Make sure the volume is up (2-3 LEDs should be lit up on the face of the speaker)
    • Press the Input select button on the speaker until you hear game sounds.

Gaming Consoles

AFSC student workers have been instructed to perform troubleshooting on the game consoles as any of us would in our own homes.

  • If a game disc won't play, eject it and wipe it with a lint-free cloth,
  • Make sure controllers are charged.
  • Each console has a default profile that refers to the AFSC game room. Check to make sure this profile is being used.
  • All consoles are connected to the network for network play.

Dream Arcades

  • If the machine appears to be off, locate the switch on the back of the machine where the power is connected. Make sure it is set to the on position



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