Alexa for Business Configurations

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  • Shared Device, one that is configured in Alexa for Business, used in a shared physical space for room control
  • Non-Shared Device not configured in A4B, used primarily as a consumer device


A Shared Alexa

  • Can only be setup in A4B using the Device Setup Tool
  • Can be configured to be in a A4B Room
  • Will connect to a calendar through a membership and setup in an A4B room
  • Won’t connect to a voice profile for calendar or voice support
  • Many of the personalized non-shared Alexa device capabilities appear to work (see below), however, not completely
    • Allows you to add things to lists but you can’t delete them
    • Allows you to play flash briefings but you can’t personalize them, it just plays the default setup for an Alexa
    • Allows you to order things, but can’t do voice ordering because you can’t connect to a Prime Account
    • Any A4B added skill that relies on personalization won’t work, for example Coinbase
  • Allows outbound calling but only via the room calendar sync or by spelling out the number
  • Allows skills to be used but only through the A4B configuration


A Non-Shared Alexa Device

  • Basically a device you would use at home
  • Setup through the standard Alexa app
  • Not controllable by an organization, must go to the user that setup the device to manage anything about the non-shared device
  • A person that setup a non-shared Alexa Device can also link their personal accounts to an A4B user (see below)
  • If an A4B user is linked to an account, the user will have access to the organizations private skills to setup on their non-shared Alexa Device
  • All standard Alexa capabilities are available


A4B Users

  • You can setup users in A4B
  • You invite those users and they can link their Alexa personal accounts
  • Currently, the only benefit is to give the user and their personal, non-shared Alexa’s access to the organizations private skills


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