Accessing a file folder location on OSX

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IT KnowledgeBase : Accessing a file folder location on OSX (Apple/Mac)

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To access a LeTourneau file folder location on a Mac on campus use the following steps. These steps only work while on campus.


First, go to the Go tab on the Apple menu bar.


Next, click on the "Connect to Server..." option at the bottom of the menu.


After this, the following box will open.


Type the desired file location address in the Server Address box. Make sure to include the smb:// at the beginning of the file address, and make sure all the slash marks in the address are forward slashes, not back slashes.


After typing in the address and clicking "Connect", the following box shows.


Enter your LeTourneau username and password in the fields and click "Connect".


When you are connected to the drive it will appear on your desktop as the following icon.


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