Accessing Online Library Resources

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This resource is excellent for accessing articles for academic research.  For example, you could search for articles that are "peer reviewed" by experts, so they can be legitimate academic references for dissertations or formal papers in school.

1. Go to the LeTourneau University home page at

2. Click on the heading "Academics" as shown below.


3. In the drop down menu, click on "Library."  (The Library webpage may also be accessed while in a course in Blackboard.  You would click on "Resources" and then select "Margaret Estes Library.")


4. The Library webpage will appear as shown below.  Click on "Research Databases."


5. In the new web page, scroll Down to "EBSCO Host" and click on this link.


6. You will be prompted for your login information. Enter your LeTourneau University username and password.


7. The EBSCO Host webpage will have many choices.  For an example of searching for particular articles, let us click on EBSCOhost Web - All databases.


8. Again, you will have many choices.  For this example search, let us consider a business major's article.  Check the boxes for "Academic Search Complete" and "Business Source Complete," as shown below.


9. Click on the "Continue" button at either the top or bottom left of the screen.

10. You will now see the Search webpage within the EBSCO Host, our sample search resource.  For example, as a business major, suppose you decide to search on "Deming 14 points."  Key this into the search box.  Do not click on "Search" until you have established further search criteria.  The criteria include "search terms," "Apply related words," search within the full text of the articles," "Full text," "Scholarly (Peer Reviewed) Journals," "Published Date" range, "Publication Type," and "Document Type."  When all of the search criteria are specified, click on "Search."

11. The articles' titles and short data will appear as the result of your search.  You can view the titles and short data on each by paging through all of them.  The first article's title and short data is shown with the arrow and the large red box.  In this example, there are 1,628,976 peer-reviewed articles of a scholarly nature!  Since this search created such a broad result, you should consider narrowing your search by refining the search further.  See the boxes in red for suggested areas where you could refine the search.  The lefthand column at the bottom has a downward-pointing red arrow.  In this column you can limit the type of publications and other criteria to narrow your search.  (See No. 12 for the continuation of that column.)


12. As mentioned, some search limiters may be found in the lefthand column shown below.  You could refine your results by selecting "References Available," which means that each article will include the references.  Next, you could narrow the publication dates.  Under "Source Types," you could select "Academic Journals," for example.  There is a list of specific limiters, such as "Publication," "Subject," "Company," "Geography," "NAICS/Industry," and "Database."  For example, "Database" has been opened, and you could narrow your search to only those articles in the "Business Source Complete" database.




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