Backup Services for File Services Locations

The following file services locations are currently included in LETU centralized backups. Users of data or files in locations other than those below should consult with Information Technology to determine what if any actions are necessary to provide backup for their data.
  • \\\fs\academics
  • \\\fs\Apps
  • \\\fs\common
  • \\\fs\departments
  • The MyDocuments, Favorites, Pictures, and Videos locations under \\\fs\profiles
  • \\\fs\sites
  • \\\fs\usergroups


Files stored directly on the hard drives of local computer workstations or laptops are not backed up. This includes any files or folders stored on the Windows desktop.

Laptops utilizing the Offline Files feature must synchronize before data in MyDocuments will be backed up.


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Fri 12/4/20 9:18 AM
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