Guidelines and Limitations for OneDrive for Business Use

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  • Critical Files:
    • Any files critical to University business should continue to have a master copy stored on University file systems or should have some other documented disaster-recovery system in place with Information Technology. OneDrive documents are backed up by Microsoft but recovery is typically limited to changes made in the last 30 days.
    • The primary personal storage for LETU is currently the MyDocuments service for all Students, Faculty and Staff however OneDrive is supported for remote and collaborative use within the guidelines provided by LETU Policy 6.2 Data Classification 
    • The primary department/team sharing options are the \\\fs\common, \\\fs\departments and similar locations. If your department has needs for collaborative options outside these locations please contact our helpdesk for assistance.
  • LETU Business Processes:
    • OneDrive for Business should not be incorporated as a core or non-replaceable part of any University business process.
    • OneDrive content should be focused on individual productivity and sharing needs.
    • In particular remember that OneDrive content will be unavailable if the original sharing author leaves the University unless timely requests are made to IT for this data to be reassigned or downloaded.
    • OneDrive for Business may be used to supplement or enhance access to business processes as long as:
      • FERPA and related guidelines above are followed.
      • The loss of OneDrive for Business content or interruptions in access to that content would not significantly impact the business process.
      • Final copies of any documents needing long-term retention are moved to official \\\fs LETU storage as above or another appropriate disaster recovery/backup process is approved and documented by Information Technology.
  • Availability:
    • OneDrive for Business is a service we contract with Microsoft to provide. While there are some self-recovery options for recently changed or deleted files, Microsoft does not currently provide us any options for restore of files from OneDrive for Business beyond these self-help options. In addition, any interruptions to OneDrive for Business must be corrected by Microsoft in their repair timeframe. Please ensure you have a master copy of any important documents on LETU-protected storage such as MyDocuments, Department or other network shares.
    • Access to OneDrive for Business is automatically deactivated when your relationship with LETU ends. When your access is deactivated any files in your OneDrive will be removed. It is your responsibility to migrate any needed files in the LETU OneDrive for Business to a personal OneDrive account or other location (for personal files) or to a \\\fs location (for LETU files) prior to leaving LETU.
  • Relationship to OneDrive: OneDrive for Business is a different product than OneDrive and you may not have access to the same use options with OneDrive for Business as you do with the free OneDrive offered to the general public



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