Trip Payment Procedure

  1. Once a trip is approved, OGI creates a form in the Trip Payment Org using the Trip Payment Form Template in Dynamic Forms, making sure to change:
    • Page 1 - Trip Information
      • Change information in red
      • Remove Drivers License table if an international trip
      • Remove Passport questions if a domestic trip
      • Edit the deposit amount on the “I acknowledge” question.  This is necessary because it is what is used to send over to Authorize.Net
    • Page 2 - Travel Agreement
      • Edit the Trip name
    • Remove Page 3 – Immunization Agreement if not an International Trip
    • Page 4 – Emergency Information
      • Change information in red
    • Put Travel Sponsor’s information into Participant page
  2. OGI contacts Accounting to make sure that a web transaction code exists for trip. If one does exist, skip to step 4. 
  3. If a web transaction code does not exist for the trip, Accounting will need to set one up, getting the subsidiary information from Student Accounts.
  4. Once the web transaction code is created in CX, OGI will pass the code to IT to put into Invoice Number field in the form that was created.
  5. IT will also make sure the API Login, Transaction Key, Signature Key, and Student’s ID number are being sent over to Authorize.Net


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