How to Create a Teams Meeting in Canvas

Step One: Create a page for your meeting in Modules.

Note: this step is optional, if you already have a page you'd like to post your meeting link on.

From your course home page, navigate to Modules.


Scroll down to the section you want to create your page on, then click the + on the upper right.


In the window that pops up, 1) select Page from the drop-down menu, 2) click on New Page, 3) Give your page a name, and 4) Click Add Item


Step Two: Edit Your Page

Click on the name of your new page to open it. 


Click Edit at the top right corner.


Step Three: Insert the Teams Meeting Link onto the Page

Click the blue V on the toolbar to access more options, then scroll down and click Microsoft Teams Meetings.

Sign in to Teams using your LETU credentials.


Click Create Teams Meeting button.


Set up the name and parameters of your meeting, then click Create.

Note: even though the creation window asks for a date and time, you can use the same link indefinitely. There's no need to create multiple Teams meetings, as your course can keep reusing the one you make!


Verify that a link to the teams meeting is listed, then click Save and Publish. Be sure not to just save, otherwise your students won't be able to see the page!


Step Four: Notify Your Students and Start Your Meeting

You're all set! When you're ready to start the meeting, click the link on your Canvas page.

Be sure to let your students know to go to the page to access the teams meeting. If they've never used Canvas before, be sure to direct them to first click on Modules on the left navigation bar.

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