Linking to Files in Canvas

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Have a file you've uploaded to a Canvas course and need the link to it to send students in an email? Here's how:

1. Go to your course in Canvas. Click on "Files" - grayed out on the left side. 
2. Click on the file you want to link to. It should open the file.
3. Look at the address bar in your browser. Make note of two numbers. First, the number after "courses/" This 5 digit number is a number specific to the course. Then look to the last number, after "preview=". This is the number that points to this specific file.
4. Take those two numbers and plug them into the following link address:

Link for them to view it in Canvas:[course number]/files/[file number]/

Link for them to download the file to their computer:[course number]/files/[file number]/download?wrap=1

The advantage of using this method is that students will be required to log-in prior to downloading/viewing the file, keeping it secure behind the LETU login and thus within copyright restrictions, etc.

Hope that's helpful!
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