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What is Prezi?

Prezi is a presentation software that uses motion, zoom, and spatial relationships to bring your ideas to life and make you a great presenter. The basic version of Prezi is free for all users.

You can access Prezi by clicking this link, or by visiting

Getting Started with Prezi

Please watch this short video for a complete tutorial on the sign-up process and steps to creating a Prezi.


If you are new to Prezi, click the get started link in the top right corner of the Prezi home page to open your free account.


You will be setting up a basic account. Click on Basic, then click "Continue" under Basic. 


Use your LETU email address to create the account following the onscreen instructions. Once you have created your new account, you are ready to begin.


Building Your Prezi

To begin creating your Prezi, go to the Prezi home page, click log in, and log in to your account.


This will bring up a screen with several template options. Choose a template to get started, or use a blank presentation which you can fully customize. Blank presentations can be found under the general tab.


Your Prezi is now a blank canvas that you can design to meet the needs of your presentation. The sky is the limit!


Submitting your Prezi

Once you have completed your Prezi, you are now ready to submit it for grading. Navigate back to your opening screen showing all your presentations and select the one you are ready to submit. Click the option to create a link.


Enter LeTourneau University for the company name and create link. 



Copy the link provided.


Open your Prezi Assignment in Canvas. Click Submit Assignment.


Paste the link into the submission box in your Canvas assignment and click submit assignment.


Need More Help with Prezi?

Visit the Prezi YouTube Channel for a detailed video series on Prezi Design.

Visit the Prezi Help section for multiple Prezi tutorials. 



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