Sway Course Guide

What is Microsoft Sway?

Sway is an app from Microsoft Office that makes it easy to create and share interactive reports, newsletters, personal stories, presentations, and more.

How do I access Microsoft Sway?

As a part of the Office 365 bundle, all currently-enrolled LETU students and faculty have access to Microsoft Sway at no additional cost. To access Microsoft Sway, visit https://sway.office.com and log in where it says "Sign in" using your LETU credentials.

Why use Microsoft Sway?

While PowerPoint is still the leading presentation software, Sway provides a different look and feel that can be refreshing and unique. Sway can be used to create interactive content that can be built directly from a Word document, and can easily create presentations that do not require a live presenter. Sway presentations also don't require a specific software program to access, as Sway presentations are accessed directly in your device's browser.

How do I get started with Microsoft Sway?

To get started, we recommend watching these short informative tutorials produced by Microsoft:



Microsoft also has a very handy overview available here and a quick start guide available here, if you prefer step-by-step written directions over video.

How do I create a Sway presentation from a Word document?

From the Sway homepage, click on "Start from a document."

Browse to and open your document. Sway will import the document, utilizing your document's headings to automatically create new sections ("cards"). 

Can I embed videos into my Sway presentation?

It may be helpful to embed a specific video from another source such as YouTube, because you cannot always find all the videos you want through Sway.  Thankfully, Sway makes it easy to embed videos using embed codes.

Start by copying the embed code from your source video. Assuming this is YouTube, click “Share,” then click “Embed," and finally click “Copy” to copy the embed code.

On Sway, click the plus button to add a new card, then select "Media," then click "Embed."

Paste the embed code you copied from YouTube into the box where it says "Paste your embed code here."

Can I record a voice-over for my Sway presentation?

It's easy to record a voice-over in Sway. To do so, click the plus button, then select "Media," then click on "Audio."

At the top right of the audio box, click "Record." Wait for the countdown, then record your voice-over.


How do I share my Sway presentation with my instructor and/or fellow students?

To share your presentation, click the "Share" button at the top right of your screen. Typically, you'll want to select to share your sway with "Those in your organization with the link," and you'll definitely want to invite people to view, not edit. 

Copy the provided hyperlink, then paste that link into your assignment's submission box or into your discussion post.


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