Background Images in Microsoft Teams

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Background images are available in Microsoft Teams if you have a modern video card and webcam such as the Logictech C920 or C930 series.

Choosing a Background Image

Background images won’t be available until you are in a meeting. When you’re in a meeting, click the […] in the menu bar and then select Show background effects. You can then select from:

  • None (blank).
  • Blur (same as background blurring)
  • One of the curated images chosen by Microsoft (example below)
     Teams background images

For scheduled calls, you can also select a background image before joining the call. Selecting a background image is something you need to do for each meeting. You can’t select a default image to use for every meeting.

What about Custom Images?

You can't yet upload a custom background image of your choice. Microsoft has indicated this feature is under development and expected soon.

Note: When you test a background image before using it in your video feed, you’ll notice that the image is reversed. This is normal and the image will be seen the right way round when viewed by others.

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