How to Configure Teams Settings

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When you first download and install Teams, you'll want to make sure to configure the settings to work with your webcam as well as a few other options.  This will be a brief overview of important settings to check to ensure you're able to use Teams effectively.


1.  To get to the settings, make sure Teams is open and look towards the top right of the window where you should see your status icon (which shows your picture) as well as the traditional minimize, maximize, and close buttons.


2.  Clicking on on your icon, will bring up the following drop down.  There are a few options there you might find useful, but clicking 'Settings' will take you to configure the bulk of Teams options.


3.  Under 'General' settings, there are a few cosmetic options that you can configure to your preference.

  • The following settings are recommended for Teams to work efficiently without much management from the user.
  • If you don't want to always have Teams running and want to manually control when it runs on your computer, you can un-check the second and third options.

  • Keep in mind you won't receive notifications for new waiting message if the application is closed.

4.  Under 'Devices' settings, you'll want to make sure your webcam is selected as the camera and microphone and you speakers should generally be your default audio device.  If your webcam is selected, you can also see a preview of what others will see when you call.


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