How to Create a Team in Teams

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Creating a team can be a useful tool for collaboration of multiple documents chats and meetings.  This article will outline the process of creating your own team.

1.  Navigate to the 'Teams' tab on the left of the screen and the click 'Join or create team' at the bottom of your app (it may also appear to the top right in some clients).

2.  Click the "create team" icon that appears when you hover over the "Create a team" option.

3.  This will bring up another dialogue to select the type of team you want to create.  This will only determine the types of default features available in the team.  Feel free to browse the following link for more detailed information about what is available to each.  Team Type Comparison


4.  You can then name your team however you like.  LETU has set naming policies so it will default to 'UG-whateveryourdepartementis-whatevernameyouenter'.  You can add a description if you like and click 'Next'.  It will create the team and prompt you to add any members you want, or you can skip that step and add members later.

5.  Once the team is created, it will show up under your available teams in the Teams pane.  The left pane can create channels for different types of discussions and along the top are the different functions available for that specific channel (in this case 'General').  Any channel you create can limit access to specific users as you might want to assign them as well as have customized function tabs.


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