Technology Tools (supported)

The following is a list of tools available to LeTourneau faculty for instructional use and research. The following tools were reviewed and/or implemented from FY 2013-2014. 


The CDT started using Camtasia for video editing in 2013.  Since that time licenses have been purchased for two faculty members (one Mathematics and one Computer Science) at a cost of approximately $200 each.  In addition, an additional Camtasia license was purchased for the CDT. This application is being used with an iPad to create videos with formulas, etc.

Adobe Connect

Adobe Connect is currently available at LETU on a per-license basis.  Connect was evaluated as an instructional technology and was found to be the most effective tool other than Blackboard Collaborate since it does include screen sharing and virtual whiteboard use.  Support for Adobe Connect for faculty will transfer to the CDT as soon as CDT members are trained on its use.  A comprehensive Adobe Connect guide was found to assist in facilitating troubleshooting.  In addition, a student guide, faculty guide and advanced faculty guide was created by the CDT for its use.


BigBlueButton allows for synchronous (real-time) video chat/conferencing from within a course. Instructions for adding Conferences/BigBlueButton to your Canvas course are available here: Enabling and Setting up Conferences. For more information, check out Canvas' documentation on Conferences:

CDT YouTube Channel

This channel was created and will be used to showcase faculty development videos for faculty as well as other instructional technology training materials.


Doceri has been adopted by instructors in Engineering, Aviation, Computer Science and Mathematics throughout this year.  The screen capture is used with PowerPoint slides so handwritten formulas and calculations can be presented.  In addition, the Doceri-specific stylus was purchased and evaluated but was not found to be effective.  A mini stylus manufactured by “The Friendly Swede” which is very low cost and was found to be the most effective.

The CDT purchased 4 licenses for faculty this year for Doceri at a cost of approximately $40 each.  Two Doceri styluses were purchased at the cost of $40 each and are available for faculty members to use.  There were 15 mini styluses purchased for faculty to use in the future at the cost of $4 each. Currently a site license is not available for Doceri and individual one-time licenses must be purchased.


Allows for faculty to quickly and easily create videos, similar to YouTube. Also allows instructors to synchronize any audio/video with an accompanying PowerPoint presentation. Panopto also serves as a digital warehouse of videos that may be copyright protected. Students can login to Panopto to view copyright protected works under the TEACH Act educational privilege.


This tool is available for all LeTourneau faculty. It allows course creators and instructors to create preformatted test banks and quickly/easily import the questions and accompanying answers directly into Canvas. It can also be useful for uploading a pool of questions provided by textbook publishers for rapid deployment in Canvas.


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