Technology Tools (unsupported)

The following is a list of tools available for instructional use and research. The following tools have not been fully tested and are not officially supported and should not be used when anything FERPA related is involved. Additionally, please consider these three areas when using any of these tools or finding tools to use in your work here at LETU.

  • License: When you sign up for the tool and read the Terms of Service, what are you committing LeTourneau University to? Additionally, does the owner of the tool (IP) allow the tool to be used freely in a manner you will be using it? For example, is it licensed under Creative Commons or the MIT License (
  • Support: What support is available to you and to our students? For example, does the tool work on all devices or just a particular set? For help in answer this question, please contact CDT or IT.
  • Succession: If you are using this tool for your face-to-face or online classroom, who else has access to your account or can continue where you left off. Consider documenting your login with your department chair, dean or Academic Secretary.

Please share positive or negative feedback for these tools to the Curriculum Design and Technology office.   

Technology Tools

  • Notesake: student can create a note-taking tool that can be shared, tagged and sorted for a class project, etc.
  • Twiddla: a collaborative web browsing utility which allows users to browse websites together—specific portions can be noted and teacher can mark up the site and allow students to see it
  • Wordle: create word clouds ot tag clouds—use for mindmapping, group study and collaborative projects
  • Wiggio: upload and share files—includes voice and text messages—can be used for polling
  • Zamzar: online file conversion program—can also convert YouTube videos to QuickTime


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