Berry Auditorium (Glaske C101)

Berry Auditorium is equipped with unique classroom technology appropriate for its venue. The following screenshots depict what users will see on the Extron AV control systems in that space. 


(2) 75" widescreen LCD Displays on the sides of the room

(1) 109" widescreen center Projector with automatic lowering/retracting screen

(1) 7" touchscreen control panel in the podium turret

(1) 12" touchscreen control panel mounted on the wall

The two touchscreens are mirrors of each other and there's functionally no difference between them (only size). The podium can be completely disconnected from the wall and removed entirely from the room or set aside. The room controls will still operate fine from the wall touchscreen.

Graphical Interface of Touchscreen Control Panels

Figure 1: Screen you see when the system is shut down and ready for use.

Figure 2: Startup screen/Help Screen. User should read this and tap "Continue" to proceed.
Once within the Main Interface, if the User taps "Help," they'll be presented with this same screen.

Figure 3: Quick Start screen. User should tap the button corresponding to their desired display config with which to start.

Figure 4: Main interface. User first selects the desired Source on the far left, then taps the Display in the center where they want that source displayed.
The user can do this as many times as they want with the ability to display a different source on each of the three displays if desired.

Figure 5: A user can tap the "Audio Control" button from the Main interface to adjust audio levels of room speakers and Mic input.

Figure 6: A user can tap the "Display Control" button from the Main Interface to manually turn on/off each separate display.
Turning the Projector "off" will cause the projection screen to retract. Turning it "on" will cause the projection screen to lower.



Figure 7: A user can tap the "Lighting Control" button from the Main Interface to manually adjust the room's lighting presets.


Figure 8: When the user is finished with the room, they should logoff the room PC and tap the "Shutdown" button on the Main Interface.
They'll be prompted to confirm shutdown as depicted in this screen. When they tap "Yes," any powered Displays will be turned off, the
center projection screen (if down) will retract, and the Touchscreen will return to the LETU Shield screen.


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