iPad Usage Guidelines

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The following is an example of a technology usage agreement created by Student Life which they administer to iPad-using employees within their team. These guidelines help support the safe use of mobile technology with emphasis on safeguarding the physical device and any data therein. Other departments may want to use this as a template for similar agreements for their respective areas. 

LETU ResLife iPad Usage Agreement

Care & Registration

  • Exercise reasonable care and precaution for device and data accessed through the device
  • Secure the device with a password or similar security measure
  • Use caution in downloading apps to maintain the security and performance of the device
  • Keep software updated and backed up as needed
  • Obtain and use an adequate case / protectors.  Can be purchased with building funds.
  • Do not expose the device to liquids or extreme temperatures, such as being left in a vehicle
  • Follow the manufacturer’s Terms of Service and guidelines for care
  • The device should be registered to the staff member’s personal Apple ID.
  • The device is to remain a work tool. However, staff may purchase and install apps through their Apple ID accounts. If a paid app is required for work function, the University will reimburse approved purchases.

Usage & Function

  • To comply with LETU IT policy, the iPad must be encrypted using the built in software
  • The primary reason to provide iPads for the ResLife staff is to fully utilize StarRez through their Apps
    • If needed during check-in and check-out, make the device available to the RA staff to do Inspections and update housing information
  • As the devices are only equipped with Wi-Fi, it might be wise to store the following on the device:
    • Current University emergency protocols and procedures, and
    • An updated housing roster of students in the living area
  • Secondary Uses:
    • Though there is no change in expectations of staff availability, the device should enhance job related communication and the ability to be more accessible
    • During staff meetings for work related functions
    • Access and update application files during IMPACT hiring season
    • Take notes when away from the office for items to follow up on, or while in the midst of a discipline or emergency situation

Damage, Loss, Etc.

  • A device that is lost, stolen, or damaged should be immediately reported to your supervisor
  • A device that is lost, stolen, or damaged due to negligence is responsibility of employee to repair or replace at the discretion of the University
  • Loss or damage under reasonable use or protection may be replaced by University at the discretion of the University
  • Immediately upon the end of employment or at the request of the Dean of Students or designee, the staff member will surrender the issued device undamaged and in appropriate working condition – the device should be wiped clean of all data, accounts, and IDs.  Failure to return the device will result in the employee compensating the prorated value of the device from payroll deduction unless another means of repayment is agreed upon
  • At the end of employment, or when the device is removed from inventory, the University may make the device available for purchase by the employee at a discounted rate

User Agreement:

I hereby agree to comply with the statements and expectations outlined in this document and to honor all relevant laws and restrictions.


Name: _________________________________        Signature: ______________________________________


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