Accessing Department or Other Network Folders in Windows 7, 8 & 10

Department and other file shares at LeTourneau use addresses like \\\fs\departments\IT and you may wish an easy way to access the folders you use the most.

In Windows 7, if you right-click on the Windows Explorer folder icon in your taskbar, it will display a menu called a Jump List that lists the most frequently opened folders and also allows you to add folders you would like easy access to.

The folders at the bottom of the list are automatically added from the folders you visit frequently and the folders at the top of the jump list are called pinned folders (or favorites). These folders are called pinned folders because they only exist if you manually add it to the Jump list. For any folders you access routinely, a convenient method for accessing them is to "pin" them to the jump list.

To create a "pinned" folder location, right-click on any folder icon you would like to pin/bookmark while in the network folder itself and while holding the right-click button down, drag that folder icon to the Explorer shortcut on the Taskbar (the one that is highlighted in yellow on the example image below).

As you drag the folder across the Explorer icon, the following message will appear "Pin to Windows Explorer." You may release the mouse button when you see this message.

Alternately, if the location is already on your "Frequent" list you can hover over the location and press the pushpin graphic on the right side to add it to the Pinned list.

The folder will now display in the top "Pinned" section of the Jump List. To remove a folder from the Jump list You can remove a folder from the Jump List hover over the link you wish to remove and on the right there will be a pushpin graphic allowing you to remove the link by clicking it (it will say "Unpin from this list").


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