LETU Student, Faculty and Staff Photos

A number of LETU collaboration systems including Email, Skype for Business (S4B), and other systems display photos of each user on communications within the University when logged into a LETU system (like LETU Outlook or S4B). These photos are not sent to anyone outside the university and are only displayed to other LETU users logged into university-owned systems.

Photo Sources
Currently photos are used from three sources:

  1. ID Card Photos / Global Student photos
  2. Yearbook Photos
  3. University Marketing Photos

By default all accounts are populated with LETU ID card photos (including approved photos submitted from global students (see Global Student Photos below). If a yearbook photo is available, we replace the ID card photo with the yearbook photo. If a University Marketing photo is available (for LETU Faculty and Staff departments), that replaces any other photo.​​​​​​

Yearbook Photo Timelines
If you have taken an updated yearbook photo it will be updated when IT receives the yearbook photos from the yearbook photographer though if you are a Faculty/Staff member it will be overwritten by any photos University Marketing may have submitted for you.​​​​​​​

Department Photos
If your department would like updated photos of your entire team please contact the University Marketing team at 903-233-3280 to arrange photography services.​​​​​​​

Global Student Photos
If you are one of our global students and would like to submit a picture for use in university internal collaboration systems (Email, S4B and others) please visit the Global Student Photo Submission page to submit your electronic photo. The photo does not need to be professionally taken (although studio portraits will work best), but should be taken in as close to a professional-manner as you can accomplish in a portrait-style from just below the shoulders to the top of your head with a plain background behind you.

Please avoid the use of poorly lit or grainy pictures for this photo. Taking the photo outdoors in daylight against a plain background such as a wall is often the best to maximize available light and produce a clear picture.

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