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Our cabinets in eBridge have been recently converted to changed all TIF files to PDF documents.  With this conversion, you will be using the eBridge PDF Viewer, which is compatible with most browsers, including Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, and Safari, in addition to Internet Explorer 10 and higher.

It also has many new features including the following:

  1.  Add sticky note/comment/annotations to the document itself.
  2.  Save annotations back to eBridge while still maintaining the ability to edit and/or delete those annotations at a later point.
  3.  Search the text within an open document.
  4.  See who created annotations on a file.
  5.  Send a secure link that expires, rather than emailing the actual document.

 PDF offers a number of benefits over TIF that we believe will help you more efficiently manage your documents:

  • PDF is a more prevalent format; most people have an application that will allow them to view PDF files, such as Adobe Reader. That means that when you email files from eBridge to non-eBridge          users, they will have no trouble opening the files.
  • Documents in PDF format are slightly smaller in file size than TIF files, so they will upload, download, and open more quickly.
  • PDFs are compatible with all modern mobile devices.
  • PDF formats support encryption, which means that PII and PHI can be securely sent through email.

To further help you with the differences between PDF and TIF, in addition to the enhancements and features available with our PDF viewer that you can't get with the TIF viewer, an FAQ on using these file formats in eBridge is attached.


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