IoT Devices and Services at LETU

Internet of Things (IoT) devices are non-traditional computing devices which serve a specific purpose and which connect to the internet (or in some cases only over a local network) to operate on preset rules and configs without routine input from an operator.

Policy Compliance

  • At LETU, All use of IoT devices must adhere to published LETU Policies.
  • Any security or safety-related devices (including but not limited to cameras, locks, smoke & CO2 sensors) must be approved by University Police, Facilities Services and Information Technology
  • Other use of IoT devices must comply with the guidance for Residential and Faculty/Staff areas below

Residence Areas

IoT devices for residential students are the responsibility of individual students to support and may be used where they work with existing LETU technology systems as long as they do not negatively impact LETU technology or facilities, interfere with the use of such systems by other LETU users, or require modifications to building structures, building systems or technology systems.


IoT solutions used by LETU Faculty/Staff or to perform functions for any LETU facilities or purpose must be approved by LETU's Facilities Services and Information Technology teams. Such solutions will generally be implemented by Facilities Services and information Technology in consultation with the requesting area. The requesting area will generally be responsible for any day to day mgmt of the solution (configuration, monitoring for successful operation, etc),  with Facilities and IT serving as a resource the requester can consult while leading troubleshooting with the vendor during any issues,

Impact on LETU Facilities and Technology

IoT solutions must be avoided (or discontinued if already deployed) if deploying them or updating them would require changes to configuration of LETU technology or facilities systems which would be insecure, unsupportable or otherwise interfere with the strategic goals for LETU building systems and technology.


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