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Created by King, Landon on Jul 22, 2020

Since the licensing change with Microsoft have taken affect, employees classified as part-time, temp/occasional, and adjunct faculty are no longer licensed for desktop versions of Microsoft office.  That being said, they are still able to use the web versions of these applications by going to


If this access is not sufficient for their needs, Microsoft does have the Microsoft Home Use Program.  Following this link and entering the LETU email address should generate an email with a link that will allow employees to subscribe to a personal Microsoft 365 service that will allow installation of desktop versions of Office applications.  Below is an example of the email generated, please note that it will require subscription using a personal email address.  Do not use your LETU email address for this as this subscription will continue when employment at LETU is ended.


When you click the link you'll need to login/set-up a personal Microsoft account and once that's complete you'll be taken to a page with the following option which will show the personal subscription with the discount applied.

Completing the steps for either of the subscription models (yearly/monthly) should allow you to install Office applications licensed to you personally.


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