Move-In Assistance for Residential Technology

Phone: (903) 233-3500 or (866) TEC-LETU


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Online Students, some additional detail can be found here.



  • Computer/Networking
    • Computer: While computer labs are available on campus, you will probably want your own computer.
    • Features: Here's a list of recommended features. LETU's Recommended Computer Features.
    • Hardware: We've partnered with several manufacturers to provide discounts to all incoming students on laptops, desktop computers and accessories: LETU Discounts
    • Software: We also offer discounts on major commercial software from companies such as Microsoft, Adobe, and others: LETU Discounts
    • Office 365: Every student has access to the full Office Suite software at Additionally, items like OneDrive, Planner and other tools are available at no charge.
    • Mobile Devices: While many mobile devices are useful for reading and taking notes, we recommend you have a full computer or a device that runs one of the Office Suites (Microsoft, Apple or Open Office versions).
    • Printer: There are printers available in the computer labs. However, some students find it convenient to have a personal printer in their rooms. Most wireless printers do not work on the secured Wifi available at LETU. Print and release can be done through
    • Ethernet Cable (7' - 15'): This is used in a residence hall room to provide wired internet service to a personal computer or laptop. While wireless connections are available in all residence halls and academic buildings on campus, we recommend that students bring an Ethernet cable for emergency or troubleshooting purposes.
    •  Antivirus Software: LETU requires each computer on LeTNet maintain current antivirus software: LetNet S@FE Antivirus Requirements
  • Internet and Mobile Devices
    • Internet devices are popular and encouraged
    • Game consoles work best through a wired connection.
    • There are some devices that don't provide support for wired connections but also do not provide support for our WPA2-Enterprise wireless with PEAP authentication security. Currently, these devices aren't supported on our network (the device must support either a wired connection or Authenticated Wireless with PEAP/WPA2-Enterprise support).
    • While we continue to strive to provide great bandwidth for LETU, keep in mind that we all share this resource and that bandwidth priority is given to academic purposes.



  • Wireless access points or network routers. These items are not allowed to be plugged into LetNet. We provide wireless access points for you all over campus! You may bring a standard ethernet switch if it does not have wireless capabilities,
  • Analog Phones (including cordless phones that plug into the wall): As student preferences have shifted to personal cell phones, older analog phone service is not available in LETU residence hall rooms.
  • Wireless printers. They are incompatible with our secured network. USB Printers will work well with your computer! If a printer has wireless and USB support, the USB connection should work fine.



When you set up your computer in your room, you will need to connect it to either the wired or wireless network. The first step will be physically connecting your Ethernet cable to the wall or correctly configuring your wireless card:

  • Wired: One wired network port is available in each room. If more than one wired network port is needed, an Ethernet switch will need to be purchased. If only one port is needed, connect the Ethernet cable to your computer's network port and the other end to the data port in your room. If more than one is needed, connect the switches network port to the data port in your room. The port in your room should be blue as shown here: Wired offers each campus resident a dedicated 100Mbps connection to LetNet. To connect to the wired network, insert your Ethernet cable to your computer's network port and connect the other end to one of the two data ports in your room. The port in your room should be blue as shown here:

  •  Wireless: LETU's wireless network is a secured network. This means you will use your LetNet username and password to connect. The settings required for wireless networks are listed below:
    • SSID: letnet (must be all lowercase)
      Network Authentication: WPA or WPA2 (Enterprise)
      Data Encryption: TKIP or AES
      Authentication Type: PEAP
      802.1X: Enabled
    • How to Connect to LetNet's Wireless



We provide a number of additional technology services to students. Many of these are detailed in the "Services" section of the Information Technology website. The most frequently used are listed below:

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