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Many departments on the LETU campus use a secure, cloud-hosted document management system called eBridge. These departments may have need to take existing digital files and "scan" them into eBridge. This document explains how you can do that without having to physically print the item as an intermediate step.


Using the eBridge Print Driver is not equivocal to using the WebScan or Import utilities. The eBridge Print Driver always converts files to black and white, 300x300 resolution, which can degrade the quality of the original file. It is recommended to use the scan application to import the file if the print driver is rendering the documents illegible.

Every LETU-owned computer on campus has an "eBridge Print Driver" installed. As a result, there's a special virtual printer that shows up when you go to print a document:

For example, if you need to "scan" a Word document into eBridge, perform the following steps:

  1. Open the document
  2. Go to File->Print
  3. Select eBridge Print Driver from the Printer drop-down menu
  4. You will then be prompted by eBridge for your username, password, and file cabinet (as usual)
  5. After logging in, you can categorize the document with the customizable indexing options and the document will be uploaded into eBridge as if you had scanned it physically


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