Print to PDF & E-Sign (Windows 10)

Print to PDF

1.  Navigate to the page you want to save as a PDF

2.  Press Ctrl + P OR Click the 3 Dash lines at the top right and select print


3.  Change the Printer to 'Print to PDF', then click 'Save'


4.  A dialog box will pop up. Navigate to where you want the document saved, name the file and click 'Save'

5.  Open the PDF you just saved with Adobe Document Reader

6.  Click the Pen at the top to Sign the Document


7.  Click Add Signature if there is not already one available


8.  Click 'Draw' and draw your signature. Click 'apply' when you are done. (You can re-use this signature on your PDFs in the future)​​​​​​


9.  Place your signature by clicking in the document


10.  Once you signature is placed, when you save the document it will make the signature permanent. Congratulations You are done.


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