Print to PDF and E-Sign (Android)

These directions are written with Google Chrome

  1. Open Google Chrome
    1. Navigate to the Website you want to print and sign in if necessary
  2. Once you are on the page you want to print click the 3 Dots in the Top Right
    1. Click 'Share'
    2. Click 'Print'
    3. It should open a 'Save As PDF' Dialog
      1. Click 'Save'
    4. Navigate to where you want to save it
      1. Name it if needed
      2. Click 'Save'
  3. Open the document from the location you saved it with Adobe Reader
    1. Click the pen icon in the lower right
    2. Click Fill and Sign
      1. Click the Pen Icon to draw a signature
      2. Draw your signature
      3. Hit 'Done'
  4. Tap inside the document to place your signature
    1. You have signed the document!
    2. Click 'Share'
    3. Select outlook
      1. You can email the signed document as necessary


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