Print to PDF and E-Sign (iOS)

Steps to capture Game Day Eligibility in PDF format

Steps will be to 1) open the team roster, 2) save the roster web page as a PDF, 3) add signature to the pdf, 4) email the pdf.

1) Open the team roster

Use the web browser on your smart phone or tablet to sign into Game Day Eligibility / Athletic Reporting ( )
    The phone has to be connected to the LeTourneau website via WI-FI to continue
    Connecting with iOS / iPhone WIKI page (this should be a one-time setup process)
    Connecting with Android WIKI page (this should be a one-time setup process)
    Other benefits of doing this is that your phone will not incur data usage charges from you mobile phone carrier while connected
    The University network will send the data to your phone, not your mobile phone carrier it; i.e., favorite sports radio programs, favorite sports news video, etc.

The first time the Athletic Reporting web page is accessed from a device:

Ignore the warning ( only in this case ) if a page opens that states: This Connection Is Not Private…[it] may be impersonating
Save the website page as a bookmark or a favorite
Tap the Show Details link
    A detailed message will display
Tap the visit this website link
    Tap Visit Website if a prompt appears to confirm Are you sure you want to visit this website
The LeTourneau Login will prompt for your user name and password
    Since the screen is so small you may spread / zoom in to better enter your login information
Once signed in then the Select a Session prompt will appear
    Spread / zoom in as needed to better select the correct Session and year
The Select a Sport prompt will appear
    Spread / zoom in as needed to better select the correct Sport

2) Save the roster web page as a PDF

The Team roster information page will display
    The page includes the current date and time on the page for NCAA compliance documentation
Tap the Share icon which is a square with an arrow pointing up
Find and tap the Create PDF option
    DO NOT tap Save PDF to Books because it will split the page if the list doesn’t fit on one page
    A temporary, working copy of the web page will open in PDF format
Tap the Share icon (again)
Tap Copy to Books which is an orange icon
    The Team roster page will be copied to a PDF and saved to the iPhone’s Books app and then it will open it again there within a few seconds
    Saving the PDF to the phone at this point is best in case the email or phone connection is lost temporarily. The PDF can be sent again later if necessary.

At this point, you could close and save the PDF in the Books app and perform the following steps later if you are absolutely certain that the PDF has been saved to the Phone’s Books application
But if the phone is lost or damaged before the PDF is signed and successfully emailed out then the PDF is lost

(If the next two steps are being done at a later time than the first two steps then first go to the Books app and open the team roster PDF you previously saved)

3) Add your signature to the PDF

Tap the screen until the PDF option menu appears at the top or bottom of the screen
Tap the Markup (pen tip) icon
Tap the circled Plus icon in the lower right of the screen
Tap the Signature option to add your signature
    Use your finger or a stylist (pen) to sign your name
Tap Done when complete
    The signature will appear in the middle of the screen showing the Team roster
    It will be in a box with blue dots at each corner of the box
Tap and hold the box, then drag the boxed signature to a blank area of the screen
Tap outside the signature box when the box is positioned so the signature is saved on the PDF
    The blue dots and the box borders of the around the signature should disappear

4) Email the PDF to Terri

Display the PDF menu bar by tapping the screen if necessary
Tap the Share icon
Tap the Mail icon
Subject: < Year / Session / Sport >
Tap Send
Close the PDF, close the Books app, close Safari/Athletic Reporting


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