How to create Contact Groups/Lists

1.  When you open the Outlook app, click on Contacts on the bottom left menu bar.


1-1. Click "New Contact Group" button on the top left corner on the menu ribbon of the Outlook app.


2. A new dialogue box for creating contact group pops up. Click on "Add Members", which will pop up a new drop-down menu.


3. On the drop-down menu, click on "From Address Book". This should pop up our address list for LeTourneau University.


4. Type in the name of the member you want to add in. Always type in last name first, then comma, and then the first name (ex. Last, First).


5. Once you found the correct member from the list, double click on the member's name.


6. Click on "OK" button once you are done adding members. Check on the "Members" bar on the bottom bar to check if your member has been successfully added before you click "OK".

7. You can add another member from the list by repeating Step 5 and Step 6. Tip: You can add multiple members on the Address List dialogue box at once.


8. Once you are done adding members, type in your group name.


9. Finish creating a new group by clicking "Save & Close" button on the top left corner of the ribbon.


10. You can send mails to your group on the app simply by clicking the mail button (button with envelope picture) under your group name.


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