Find Scanned Page Count in eBridge

You may need to find how many pages your cabinet is scanning in a particular time period. 

*Note: You must be administrator in the cabinet you want the page count for in order to access this information.

Step-by-step guide


  1. Log into the cabinet in eBridge you would like the scanned-page count of.
  2. Click on the Reports tab at the top of the page.
  3. Click on Page Reports. This will generate a by-user total on pages scanned, defaulted to the last 30 days.  
    To get a cabinet total:
  4. Click on Report Options to change to the correct time frame.
  5. Click on the Excel icon to generate an .xls file with the information you want.
  6. Open the resulting file and add up the pages column to get your total for the whole cabinet for that time frame.


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