Link to eBridge from Any Application

eBridge has the ability to open a web browser and load any student automatically from wherever you are. Detailed instructions are below.

1.  Log into eBridge

2.  From the main screen, click on "Tools and Downloads" from the menu bar on the left side of the screen

3.  You want the second option, "eBridge Link." Click "Download Now" and install that. Contact IT if you need assistance installing

4.  You will need to set up the program once it's installed - feed it your username and password. Your filing cabinet is STUDENT MGT. Choose "ID" from the Index Lookup. Click "Save."

5.  Open the eBridge Link program from your system tray


6.  Click the current hot key combination (WIN + 'W')


7.  Assign the hot  key combination to be WIN + 'A' (the others are used by other programs)


8.  Click "Apply" then "Save" to close the eBridge Link configuration.


Now when you want to look up a student, just highlight their ID number and simultaneously hold down the WIN and "A" keys. Your student's record should appear in your default web browser's window. This works for GoldMine, CX, Outlook, Word - wherever you can get the ID on the screen. 


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