Restoring deleted or modified files in \\\fs storage with Previous Versions

All files on LetNet Storage systems are backed up according to a schedule. These backups are intended for recovery in the event of catastrophic system failure.

For individual files that are accidentally deleted, Faculty/Staff can use Microsoft's "Previous Versions" functionality to restore old versions of their files.

  • Access your LetNet Storage via Windows file sharing
  • Locate the folder that contained the file or folder that was deleted
  • Right-click this folder, and select "Properties" from the menu that pops up
  • Select the "Previous Versions" tab
  • In the "Folder versions" section, select the version of the folder
  • You can choose to "View," "Copy" or "Restore" the folder. If you choose, View, you will be able to see the list of files you can restore. If you choose Copy, you will be prompted for a location to copy the folder you want restored. If you choose Restore, the entire folder will be restored to the previous state that you select. We recommend being cautious with Restore as it can overwrite newer files you don't wish to replace. Generally copying the missing or outdated document from the previous Versions window is the recommended approach.
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