Fixing Scroll Bars on a Remote Desktop session

One challenge you may encounter when working with Remote Desktop Services is that occasionally it defaults to a “Windowed” view where you have to scroll around with the scrollbars at the edge of your window to see your desktop like below.

Sometimes maximizing the window will fix this, but where it doesn’t you can fix this in your local Remote Desktop Client as below:


  1. Launch the Remote Desktop client but do not connect (Click the Windows key and type "Remote Desktop" to launch the client if you don't have a shortcut

  2. Click "Show Options" to show the tabs across the top and select "Display"

    You will notice that there is a slider to choose the size of your Remote Desktop. When you are stuck with scroll bars in your session it is usually because this slider has reverted to less than full screen. Full screen is all the way to the right, anything to the left of that is a smaller, scroll-bar window.
  3. Slide the slider all the way to the right to "Full Screen" and then return to the "General" tab, ensure your or other remote desktop server is in the connection box and click "Connect." Your session should now be full screen once again
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