Launching and Pinning Programs on Remote Desktop Services

The newest version of LETU's Remote Desktop Services uses the same Start Menu design as Windows 10. This design emphasizes searching for the program you would like to launchm, and then "pinning" it to your taskbar or Start Menu if you would like easy access to it in the future.


For this reason, when you first connect to Remote Desktop Services, the Start Menu will consist of all programs available on the server in alphabetical order. We recommend searching for the program(s) you wish to have easy access to and pinning them to your taskbar as noted below.


As a reminder, critical files should be saved in your MyDocuments folder and not on Desktops or local hard drives. 


To Launch a Program on Remote Desktop Services, click the Windows logo to open the Start Menu, the Type the name (or part of the name) of the program you would like to launch (in this case Outlook). Select the Program name from the search results above to open the program.


Once the program is running, right-click the icon on your taskbar and select "Pin to Taskbar." This will ensure the program is available for quick access during future sessions.

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