LetNet Guest Wireless Account Creation


At LETU, wireless Internet access is provided for all Faculty, Staff and Students. This access is through a LetNet user name and password.

The purpose of this document is to outline the process for providing wireless Internet access to those who don’t have a regular way of connecting when working with LeTourneau. We refer to these accounts as guests. 

LetNet Guest Wireless is setup and administered by individual departments. If you have a need for a guest wireless account, you should direct your request to the department that will be sponsoring the guest account.

Requesting a Special LetNet Guest Wireless Accounts

Requests for guest wireless accounts must be sent 24 hours in advance.

If there is not a  "sponsoring department", please use the link below to request a Guest Wireless Account.

LetNet Guest Wireless Account Request


Restrictions on LetNet Guest Wireless Accounts

  • Guest accounts are not available to any person that already has, or should have, a LetNet account. LetNet accounts are automatically created for Faculty, Staff, Students, and Emeritus Faculty.
  • Accounts for Vendors, Contractors or Non-Employees who may be serving in any role with the University and have an official relationship with the University should request a “non-employee” account through the Information Technology Helpdesk.
  • Guest Wireless has limited Internet bandwidth. Any guest needing additional instantaneous bandwidth can make a request through Information Technology via the Office of the CIO.

LetNet Guest Wireless Account Creation Guidelines

  • Only select employees of the University are authorized to create guest accounts. Generally, an employee who is authorized to create guest accounts is authorized to do so only for a specific area or remote campus. Information Technology creates guest wireless accounts for any areas not listed below. The current list of areas authorized to create guest wireless accounts is below. Examples of positions which typically create guest accounts in each area are provided but should not be considered comprehensive:
    • Admissions - Visit Center Coordinator
    • Alumni - Office Assistant
    • Athletics - Sports Information Director
    • The Belcher Center - Director of Technical Setup
    • Information Technology - https://servicedesk.letu.edu
    • Conference and Event Services - Event Manager; Facility Coordinator
    • Library - Director
    • Marketing & Communications - PR Director
    • Office of Global Initiatives - VP of International Admissions
    • School of Aeronautical Science - Academic Secretary; Director of Flight Operations
    • School of Arts & Sciences - Academic Secretary
    • Spiritual Life - Admin Assistant
    • Student Life - Admin Assistant
    • University Development - Admin Assistant
  • Guest accounts should be active for only as long as necessary. Accounts should not be active for longer than 30 days. If there is a need for a guest account to be active longer than 30 days, please contact Information Technology via the Office of the CIO. Unlimited wireless guest accounts are not permitted.
  • Guest accounts usernames should:
    • Have descriptive names. The username should indicate the first and last name of the guest (i.e. jimsmith).
    • Use only lowercase letters.
    • Spaces are not allowed in usernames.
  • Passwords for guest wireless accounts should follow the same guidelines as LetNet account passwords:
    • Cannot contain any part of the username
    • Contain at least 3 out of these 4 categories [upper case, lower case, numbers, special characters]
    • Be at least 7 characters long
    • You should not reuse passwords
    • TIPS:
      • Because the guest wireless system is case sensitive in both the username and password, we find it is easier for guests if their username is all lowercase and their password only contains lower case letters. (To reach the required complexity this means you would have to also use a symbol and a number (i.e. sunrise-35)
      • The upper or lowercase versions of the letters I, L, and O and the numbers 0 and 1 can be confused for each other and are best avoided in passwords. 
  • Guest accounts should be created on a per-event basis. No guest account should be used for two different events.
  • Guest accounts are for use by one individual. Guest accounts should not be generic or intended for use by more than one person (i.e. "itsalesvendors," "visitor," etc).
    • To best ensure the security of LETU systems, only Information Technology, Programs and Events, and Admissions are authorized to make exceptions to this guideline for large groups visiting campus. If you have a need requiring many individuals to have access for whom you don’t wish to create individual accounts, please contact Programs and Events or IT. In the case where a person’s first and last name isn't known, the guest username should clearly indicate the one-time event the guest account is being created for.

Guest Wireless Instructions/Credentials Handout


  • A Word template that you can modify to provide LetNet Guest Wireless credentials and instructions to LETU guests is available in the Attachments section of this article.

  • If you provide credentials to your guests in an alternate manner, please be sure they are aware of the Connecting to Guest Wireless instructions in the Related Articles section of this article.

Creating LetNet Guest Wireless Accounts


  1. Browse to Cisco Prime Infrastructure: https://prime.letnet.net. Login using your provided Username and Password. (This will most likely not be your LetNet account.)

  2. From the Select a command drop down list, choose Add Guest User and click GO 

  3. Type in the guest User Name. Fill in the description field with information about what this account is for. Then select Generate Password, or type in a custom password.
  4. Click the Advanced tab. Choose the following settings:
    1. Profile: LETNET-Guest
    2. User Role: default
    3. Life Time: Limited (Unlimited accounts are not permitted)
    4. End Time: Select date and time the guest account will no longer be valid
    5. Apply to: Controller List. Select all controllers
  5. Click Save.
  6. Your guest account details will be displayed.
  7. LetNet Guest Wireless Information Sheets should be given to each person or group requesting an account. An editable version of this handout in .docx format (to facilitate including printed credentials) is available in the Attachments section of this article.


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