Do Not Call Registry

If you are receiving unwanted telemarketer calls, you may register for the National Do Not Call Registry.

It is not possible to block unwanted spam calls via any method other than the Do not Call list currently.

However if you are receiving threatening calls or other calls with possible criminal activity please contact University Police at (903) 233-4444


How to Opt-In to the Do Not Call Registry

To request your number be added to the Do Not Call Registry, visit or call 1-888-382-1222. If calling, you must call from the number you wish to register.


How to check if your number is already on the Do Not Call Registry


Illegal Calls and Robocalls

The Do Not Call Registry relies on telemarketers to follow the law and respect the list. Legitimate telemarketers should respect this list because the penalties for violating it are steep.

Some automated phone dialers are legally used by marketing companies, but most are "robocalls" which are operated by illegal actors.

Unfortunately, Robocallers, Caller ID Spoofers and other illegal callers do not respect the Do Not call list. However the FCC is working with the voice industry to try to reduce the ability for them to successfully imitate numbers other than their own. Click here for more Information on the FCC's STIR/SHAKEN Caller ID verification work

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