How to use LETU Phone Conferencing Resources

LETU offers two types of phone conferencing: Ad-Hoc and Meet-Me conferencing.

Ad-Hoc conferences can include up to 10 total participants and Meet-Me conferences can accept up to 25 total participants. For attendees calling in from outside LETU, both conferences are limited by the total number of incoming phone line connections to LETU (currently 40) which may also be in use by normal phone conversations. See below for instructions on using each type of conference.

Using Ad Hoc Conferencing

The ad hoc conference is started by an initiator and only the initiator of the conference can add people into the conference.

Initiate an Ad Hoc Conference Bridge

There are two methods to use in order to initiate ad hoc conference:

  • Put a call on hold, dial another participant, and conference additional participants
  • Join established calls by using the Select and Join softkeys.

Use the Conference Softkey for Ad Hoc Conference
The conference controller controls ad hoc conferences. When you initiate an ad hoc conference, Cisco CallManager considers you the conference controller. In an ad hoc conference, only a conference controller can add participants to a conference. If sufficient streams are available on the conference device, the conference controller can add up to the maximum number of participants that is specified for ad hoc conferences to the conference.

For example, phone 2001 dials 2002. The phones want to add 2003 into their conversation. 2001 presses the conference button confrn and dials 2003. When 2003 answers, the confrn button is pressed again in order to add 2002 and 2003 into the conference.

Using Meet-Me Conferencing

Meet-Me conferencing requires the use of a dedicated meet-Me number (Extension) but allows callers other than the conference initiator to directly join the conference by dialing a reserved phone extension (called the Meet-Me number). These Meet-me numbers are available for one-time or repeated use through request at Some departments also have dedicated Meet-Me numbers that are used with more frequency. 

How to Start a Meet-Me conference:

  • From Office Phones: , go off-hook and press the Meet-Me button from your phone. Press the More softkey once in order to reach this Meet-Me. After you press the Meet-Me button, dial the conference number that you want to join.
  • From Conference phones: Go Off-Hook and press the Menu key and select Call Functions and then Meet-Me. After you select the Meet-Me option, dial the Meet-me conference number that you have been provided

How to Join a Meet-Me Conference:

  • To join a Meet-me conference simply dial the extension (from inside LETU) or the full 10-digit number (from outside LETU) to be placed into the Meet-Me conference.


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