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Support for the following issues is available by contacting the LETU IT Help Desk for personal or LETU-owned mobile devices (cell phones, tablets, etc).

  • Configuring LETU wireless settings
  • Configuring LETU email/contact sync

  • Using a LETU web service (such as Canvas) on a mobile device
  • Installing or using an LETU-supported app (e.g. LETU Buzz)

Individuals are responsible for support of all other issues on personal or LETU-owned mobile devices including sync/backup of media (photos, video and music), use/sync of non-LETU apps and settings, migration of non-LETU settings/apps/data to new devices, and other issues not detailed above.



Contacts: We recommend that all cell phone users use a sync service such as LETU Email, Google Contacts, iCloud or a similar service to sync Contacts to a cloud-based service. This avoids the potential loss of contacts when a device is lost or damaged.
LETU support for contact sync is limited to assisting with configuring a device to sync any contacts stored in LETU Email.

Cloud Storage Options:

Apple Users: If you use iCloud you receive 5GB of storage for free. If you sync your photos or videos to iCloud and have more than 5GB of content you will need to either:

Android Users: You may use an external service such as OneDrive to sync content.





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