Remote Work (Temporary Needs)

This page is a guide to resources for temporarily or intermittently working from home or doing so in the midst of an unexpected campus event.

Employees who need to work from home on a regular basis as a normal course of their employment should follow the approval and procurement process at Remote Offices

All employees must be familiar with guidance on Working Remotely and FERPA/HIPAA before working with LETU data from a remote location.


Faculty Resources

Faculty new to online instruction are encouraged to consult Getting Started with Online Instruction

Note: Most faculty needs can be best served from the use of our web-based resources such as Canvas, Panopto, the OneDrive web client at, web-based Microsoft Office Apps, and Microsoft Teams installed on a local computer.

We recommend using these web-based solutions when possible before using Remote Desktop services for things like editing Office documents, browsing the web, or other activities which will be faster when done from your desktop computer.

If you have any questions or need assistance with online instruction software such as Canvas and Panopto, please contact our CDT Team at (903) 233-4070.

For assistance moving documents to OneDrive, using web-based Office 365 services or similar needs please contact our Helpdesk at (903) 233-3500.


Staff Resources

Remote Desktop (TS1): LETU's Remote Desktop Services ( will provide most staff remote work needs for administrative systems from a personal computer. In order to be supported, a personal computer must be running Windows 10, Windows 8, or a current version of MacOS.

It is critical that departments working remotely familiarize themselves with Microsoft Teams. This application allows real-time chat for all users, as well as video and audio conferencing for those with webcams.

Chat, Video/Audio Conferencing: Microsoft Teams is a flexible Video/Audio Conferencing, Chat, and Desktop-sharing solution available to all LETU students, faculty and staff. Teams is the primary supported LETU collaboration solution. Teams offers both ad-hoc/realtime and Outlook-calendar-scheduled meetings and is a great resource for collaboration and faculty/student interaction, both in remote work and office-to-office situations. It is equivalent in most respects to other similar solutions such as Zoom or WebEx conferencing.

Documents: For remote work you may find it most convenient to store documents in LETU's OneDrive Service instead of MyDocuments. Documents you store in OneDrive can be accessed from anywhere in the world and synced locally to multiple personal devices. Click the link below for more information on using OneDrive. Reminder: OneDrive is not an approved storage location for PII data. (Personally identifiable information, or PII, is any data that could potentially be used to identify a particular person. Examples include a full name, Social Security number, driver's license number, bank account number, passport number, and email address.)

Email: In cases where you are working remotely on an extended basis and not from your office, you may not have a desktop version of Outlook installed. You may wish to familiarize yourself with the use of LETU Webmail or mobile-client-based email Apps as an alternative method of accessing email away from your primary office:

Phone: In cases where you are working away from your main office for a temporary period of time, you may wish to forward your office phone to a cell phone. Guidance for that is below. For long-term work-from-home situations a remotely-located IP Phone is the supported solution.

Security: When working from home or another remote location it's vital to practice best security practices on your home network and equipment to avoid exposing yourself, your equipment, or LETU systems to risk.


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