Securely Working Remotely

Remote work and instruction presents some challenges including ensuring we keep confidential LETU and student data secure. When working remotely it is vital that you observe best practices for securing your personal technology, LETU technology, and LETU/student data.

Below is guidance on keeping your work environment and LETU systems secure when working remotely.

On any personal computer you use to connect to LETU systems or data:

  • The system must be configured to automatically install security updates as they are released
  • The system must be configured with an up-to-date antivirus/antimalware program
    (Windows 10's built-in Defender program is a great solution and already installed and free on Windows 10)
  • If your system is configured to use LETU OneDrive sync or other LETU remote services including Remote Desktop:
    • No non-LETU users (including other household members) may use the login account configured with local OneDrive sync or Remote Desktop access.
    • Additional non-administrator accounts may be used for other household users on that same machine if needed (instructions for creating additional accounts on Windows 10).
    • The system must be configured with a password of no less than 15 characters
    • The system must lock on inactivity

Understand and Avoid Risks:


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