Getting Started With Service Desk

Welcome to LETU Service Desk!

Below is a guide to submitting your first (and probably not last) service request.  This method will replace the current ticketing system with one that is more efficient for helping you, the customer, and LETU IT resolve your technology issues.


To begin, open a new tab in a web browser of choice and enter '' into the address bar.


Upon pressing Enter, you will be directed to the landing page - you may already be signed in through LETU's Single-Sign-On system, if so your name will be shown to the right of the search box. If not, you'll need to select "sign-in" near the top right of the browser window.


You will be taken through the standard LETU sign in process using yourLETU email and password as well as MFA if you've never signed in before.


When the sign-in process completes, you will be taken back to the landing page where you'll now be signed in as well as have access to view and submit service requests.


Clicking on the 'Services' link on the navigation bar will load the service catalog where you can browse all available LETU IT services.  It's possible a service is a commonly used one and may have a quick link available in the 'Popular Services' menu on the right side of the window.  It is also possible to view any open requests you may have already submitted as well by selecting 'Ticket Requests'.


Using an example of being unable to access webmail because you aren't receiving an MFA prompt, you would:

  • choose the "LetNet Accounts and Access' category tile
  • then select the 'Multi-factor Authenticator (MFA) Reset' option.
    This will take you to the page for that specific service request where you can see details about what the request is for.
  • If for some reason it doesn't describe the issue you have, you will most likely want to browse other options related to accounts access.  Since, in this example, we're sure that's what is needed, clicking the "Request MFA Reset" button will begin the process of providing your information.


Each service has a pre-defined form for required information that will allow LETU IT to more immediately address your issue without the need for multiple correspondences before any real work on the issue can be done.  Notice that some fields are required while others are for additional information that might be pertinent.  Each field has a help text that can be expanded if you're unsure what type of information the field is asking for.

Something of note...each request has a priority section that has two required fields 'Impact' and 'Urgency' which can help LETU IT determine how best to address the request.  It's important to set these as accurately as possible to help focus our time and resources effectively.  In our example, the MFA reset only affects an individual, however, it is an issue that prevents our user from accessing resources directly related to their duties.  Once the required fields are completed, clicking the blue 'Request' button will generate the request.


You will receive a message like the following to indicate creation of the service request.


Selecting to view the request, will take you to the web page for that newly-generated request.  You should also receive an email with information regarding the request. This email will have a link to this same page.  It is possible to respond to any further communication using email or by commenting on this page directly.  Any correspondence will show up in the feed section.  *there is a delay with email communication (replying to email notifications) so commenting using the service portal below is encouraged for quicker correspondence

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