LETU Service Desk Request Escalation Procedure

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This article describes the escalation process for requests made through servicedesk.letu.edu


As escalation impacts other requests IT is working on, please exercise discretion in assessing whether escalation is necessary.

Reasons to escalate a request

  • There is a significant financial impact to LETU.
  • There is a significant operational impact to LETU (ie an important business process is unavailable or will become unavailable)
  • Circumstances beyond your control impacted an existing deadline or created an unexpectedly urgent deadline.
  • Your request has not been fulfilled by the date and time communicated to you by the IT Team, by the time indicated in our Service Level Agreements (SLA), or your request has passed a deadline, and you are not receiving satisfactory communication from the IT team member(s) assigned to your request.

What to do before escalating a request

  • Please do not use the escalation process to report a new issue. Instead please report new issues through the normal ServiceDesk contact channels.
  • Use escalation after you have a reported an issue or requested service and your needs are not being met in a timely manner and the team member(s) you are working with are unable to address your need

    Some non-emergency services like cabling work may have Service Level Agreements which provide expected response time. For these types of requests, SLAs are when you can expect to have your request fulfilled. Some services may not have an SLA. If you are not sure if your service has a specific SLA please ask our team for expected response times when submitting the issue.



Escalating a request

Follow these steps if you feel your request needs to be escalated for one of the reasons listed above:

  1. Full-Time Staff Member (1st Escalation)
    Call the LETU Service Desk at 903-233-3500 to get a status update on your request or to let us know if you need to request escalation.
    Say "I'd like to escalate my request to the appropriate IT Staff member for attention"
    The Service Desk will attempt to get in contact with the IT employee assigned to your request.
  2. IT Leadership Team (2nd Escalation)
    If that employee isn't available or unable to address your need, you can request to have an IT Leadership Team member notified.
    Say "I'd like to escalate to an IT Leadership Team Member"
  3. Chief Information Office (3rd Escalation)
    Our IT Leadership Team is fully empowered to address all critical issues. However, if the leadership team member isn't available, and your request has a significant and urgent impact to LETU, you can request to have the Chief Information Officer (CIO) notified.
    Say "I'd like to escalate to the CIO"

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