Connect to Remote Desktop Services (Remote Access)

Things to Know

In order to address security concerns with the current method for connecting to remote desktop services (RDS), we've added a layer of multi-factor authentication (MFA) to the logon process.  The following instructions will help you configure this new connection method one your home computer to continue using RDS when working remotely.


NOTE: To connect to RDS, you must have MFA setup to use an Authenticator App or a Phone Call. If you approve MFA prompts with a code from a text (SMS) message or use authenticator token, your connection will fail and you'll be required to configure one of the working methods as the primary approval option.  For help with changing those settings, please see the related article "LETU MFA: Configure Your MFA Settings" under the section titled "To change your settings after initial setup",


Configuring the Connection for the First Time


Open "Remote Desktop Connection"

Press the Windows Key or click to open the Start Menu then start typing "Remote."  This should give you the following option to click the shortcut and open a remote desktop connection.


Configure Connection Settings

Once the connection window opens, look for the Show Options drop down and click to open.

This will expand the window to allow you to configure more specific settings for you rdp sessions.  To begin, click the Advanced tab and go to Settings.

This will bring up the below window.  Make sure to match all of the indicated settings; once done, click OK.

Navigate back to the "General" tab and fill in the fields as indicated.  Before clicking "Connect" choose Save As.  A generic "save as" window will appear where you can choose to save it to your "Desktop" and give it a name like "RDS."  This will create a shortcut for connecting to RDS and prevent the need to reconfigure these settings every time you need to connect.


Additional Information Required

The above settings will allow us to make RDS a more secure remote workstation environment and will now require multi-factor authentication (MFA).  Once you click "Connect" or double click your new desktop shortcut after configuring the above settings, you'll need to complete a few more prompts.

First, you will need to enter your password.

**NOTE: If you are prompted for anything other than your password (such as a PIN), you will need to select More choices to be able to sign in with your password.

After entering your password, a second prompt will require you to acknowledge the MFA requirement.  There is also a box to keep this from popping up every time unless there is a change on the configuration behind the scenes.

After clicking OK you will receive the standard LETU MFA prompt on your device or a call to the phone number you have setup on your account.  When you approve this prompt, the connection with RDS will be established as it normally would.

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