Weave: Importing Course Information


This page is used as a guide to walk through the process of importing course information into Weave. This is done at the beginning of each semester, but could be done during a semester if it is requested.


Before Importing ....

Before course information can be imported into Weave, the following requirements must be met:

  • All active courses (current semester and beyond) must have a CIP code defined in the crs_rec table in CX. It is required information in Weave.
    Run the following report to determine which courses need a CIP code. If any courses are listed, contact the Registrar's office to get them updated. They already have access to this report and use it to determine which ones to update.
  • In Weave, all faculty members MUST have their CX ID (aka Employee ID) entered into Weave. If not, courses will not be tied to the proper instructors. Contact Dr. Karl Payton in Accreditation and Institutional Effectiveness to ensure all members have IDs.
  • The most recent course import file(s) must exist in the following directory. Course files use the naming convention Weave-Import_Courses__{Date}__{FileNumber}of{TotalFileCount}.csv.
  • Access to the Weave Importer Tool (via Weave portal site). Any Weave user requesting access to the tool, must contact Weave support.

    Vendor Weave Education
    Product Site https://weaveeducation.com/
    Customer Support Site https://weaveeducation.com/contact-support/
    Support Number (877) 219-7353
    Support Email starcare@starrez.com


Importing Procedure

The following steps can be used to add new courses and/or update existing courses. Normally, the import of course information is done prior to the start of any semester or shortly thereafter; however, if needed/requested, it can be done during the middle of a semester. The CSV files contain courses for the current semester, as well as, future semesters.


  1. Access the Import Tool by hovering over the Gear icon and selecting Importer Tool under the Data Management section.
  2. Select the Import Courses option.

  3. The File Upload screen provides two methods to uploading files: Drag-and-drop or through file browser. For this guide, the Drag-and-Drop method will be used.
  4. Using Windows Explorer, open the Import Files directory. The course CSV files are named with the date of creation, and file number out of total file count. Due to a limitation of the Importer Tool, files cannot contain more than 1000 lines. The automated process creating the files ensures the lines do not exceed this limit. It is normal for there to be more than one course file to import.
  5. Locate the desired course file to import and drag-and-drop it onto the File Upload window and click Next.
  6. On the Match Courses screen, check/select the values as seen in the following image, and click Next.
    NOTE: If you only need to import the NEW courses, uncheck the option box labeled "Update existing courses when fields match".
  7. Map the appropriate fields in the CSV to their Weave DB Field counterpart. Make sure to click the Edit button beside the Course Level field, and specify the field value mappings. Once completed, click Next.
    The attached video will walk you through this process.
    NOTE:  The only field not mapped is the Type field.
  8. Review the Import Summary and when ready, click Start Import.
  9. Depending on the amount of courses in the file, the uploading process can take about a minute, so DO NOT close the window until you've received the following message. Doing so could interrupt the importing process.
  10. If any errors were encountered, the system would alert you to the problem(s).
  11. Once Weave's system has completed the importing process, it will send you the following email.
  12. After a successful import, go back to the Import Files directory and move the file you just processed to the Imported directory. This will help keep the main directory clean and provide a way to determine which files have already been imported; and aid in any troubleshooting needs.
    NOTE:  The Imported directory will be automatically cleaned of any files older than 30 days.
  13. Repeat these steps for each course file needing to be imported.



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